Couples Counselling

Guide and support you as you re-connect and restore emotional and physical intimacy to your relationship

Separation / Divorce

Assist you in reducing the emotional impact of dismantling your marriage. Pre-divorce counselling can also reduce legal costs. Special attention paid to reducing the impact of separation and divorce on children.


Assist you in developing parenting strategies. Special attention paid to couples dealing with blended family issues.


Assist you in understanding the roots of your depression. Work to stabilize and normalize along with developing strategies to change things that are contributing to the depression,

Self-Esteem / Lifestyle

Assist you with reviewing your life and implementing strategies to change your self-perception.

Grief / Loss

Work closely with you as you journey through the loss and do the work required to grieve.

Anger Management

Work with you to understand your anger and its triggers. Provide anger assessments to individuals charged with assault.


Provide support to individuals or families when an individual is ready for sobriety. Provide referrals to rehabilitation facilities and provide support and follow-up care upon release.


Help you stabilize and normalize following a trauma.


Assist couples as they attempt to rebuild their relationship, restoring trust and developing forgiveness.

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